14-18 JULY 2022



Our passion for Psychedelic Trance Music pushed us to start Revision, our first open-air Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival, at 2017.
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Revision Festival is organized by Blast Your Mind Team & Revision universal Crew. The story goes back in 2012, when Blast Your Mind Team started to organize unique psychedelic parties in Athens and around the world.
Now, through Revision Festival, the Team tries to create a magical, interactive festival area with improved facilities and plenty of space to explore, relax, dance, meditate and escape.


Our nature is pushing us to constantly questioning Established Structures and Forms of Thought.
Each Year we Rethinking and Revise the Festival’s Concept & Philosophy.
A new Vision is created as the years passes. It is all about the way Psychedelic Music evolves but also how we personally stand in the dancefloor. Gaining a new perspective about the worldly experience as a whole. Each of our Festivals aims to connect people and create a meaningful spiritual experience for people under all ages, nationality, and background. Ecology and Nature is always in the center of Revision Festival’s interest.
Musically, the selection of the best underground Psychedelic Artists around the globe is our priority so we can translate our vision into sound and image.
We want to communicate our message in the best possible way, direct into people’s minds, bodies and souls

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