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Pantomiman is George Agaronov (or Gosha for short), a Russian psytrance producer with some extra
flavour on top — he is a professional comic actor who comes from a family of circus comedy performers!
Early in his childhood years Gosha began playing musical instruments, performing on stage and later
composing his parts for a circus band.

When Gosha was a teenager he discovered electronic music and a bit later towards the late nineties Gosha
discovered something that felt very natural to him — psychedelic trance. Since then Gosha has been developing
and working on his own sound, partly with an expert guidance from Alex Parasense. Pantomiman’s groovy bass lines
and comical themes make people dance and laugh at the same time, while of course his skilful sound synthesis
guarantees that a trip will be adventurous, joyful and amusing.

Festival Edition:

4th Edition 2020



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