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Emiel is from India, but born and raised in Qatar. A complete sound junkie from as far back as he can recall, he first caught the wild trance fever in 1999 at the notorious discovalley party experiences in Goa, India, and later at one of the first lunar rave in Bangalore. Since then, all he wanted is to share the dance floor energy through the perfection of his dj sets and track selection, and his weakness for exploring fresh and top notch sound, has seen him decimate some dance floors in & around India, Middle East, Nepal and South Africa.

The Gata Freak Dj project was born in 2002 after Emiel completely immersed himself in collecting and experimenting with both psy trance music and psychedelics. By then, he was floored by the south african night time/ twilight sound from artists like Xatrik, Artifakt, Rinkadink, Broken toy, Damage, Phyx, Shift etc. He has dedicated his spare time to sharing his uplifting journey with this culture, its people and the music.

Since 2011 he is running the South Africa based label Timecode and its sublabel Sangoma Records with Daksinamurti. Emiel released his first compilation “Tokoloshe Tales” in 2010, together with Dj Daksinamurti (Nexus/ Peak) on the legendary TIMECODE Records and received rave reviews. Since then he has released numerous compilations with various labels. Stay tuned for more releases.

Festival Edition:

4th Edition 2020



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