Deviant Force, Insomnia, Alice D

Responsible for this project is Flo from Munich, Germany.Back in the year 1993, he get in touch with electronic music for the first time.
A few years later he began spinning techno @ parties & clubs in Munich. In 2006 he started producing his own music.

After discovered psychedelic music in summer 2009 while visiting some festivals with friends who introduced him to the psychedelic culture, he experimented with this kind of music and decided to focus completely on psychedelic music production.

His sound nowadays could be categorized as deep and atmospheric nighttime music, defined by deep basses, complex rhythms and abstract soundscapes.
He already released tracks on labels like Deviant Force Records, Tremors Underground, Alice-D Production, Omveda Records and Insomnia Records.

Festival Edition:

4th Edition 2020



Lycantrop Records
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Lycantrop Records
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Yiannis Kats

Underground Experience
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Axial Tilt

Looney Moon Records
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Via Axis

Sangoma Records
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