Revision Festival is located at:

North Euboea, Vasilika 342.00, Greece.

Location Lat: 38.980159
Location Long: 23.355

Euboea (Evia) is located along the east coast of mainland Greece, not far from Athens and is the second largest island of Greece and the third in the eastern Mediterranean.
Is very easy to get there since two bridges – the modern, suspended one and the older, sliding one – link it to mainland Greece.

The island of Evia is one of the closest to Athens and yet it is one of the most unknown. That is because Evia is so large that there is much to discover about it. Second in size to Crete, it stretches from the tip of the Pelion Peninsula all the way south to the coast of Attica.

It’s southern tip is just a short distance from the Cycladic islands of Andros and Kea. Evia is one of the “secret” islands that the Greeks seem to keep for themselves. In general, it will be a less-touristy, more “Greek” experience. Most people working in the service industry will speak English, but even if you encounter a few who don’t, you’ll definitely work things out!

The island extends over a surface of 3,580 km2, its coastline is 48 km long and it has 220,000 inhabitants. The topography of the island is as varied as anywhere in Greece, a pleasant climate, with sparkling Aegean beaches and coves on its east coast, a mountainous interior with rivers, streams and forests, a west coast that is a mix of beaches, large towns, industry, agriculture, beaches, wetlands and renowned monuments.
And in the northwest, the town of Edipsos has the most popular hot springs in Greece, with hot water gushing from rocks and crevices into the sea and pools of hotels and healing centres.

Evia has many small mountain villages in beautiful settings. They often have local handicrafts and unusual food products.

Evia is intimately related to Greek mythology, but in order to be able to refer to every detail in the mythology of Evia,
hundreds of pages will be required, since Evia has been associated with almost every moment of Greek mythology, with a myriad of myths trying to explain and praise the nature of the area.

How to Get to Revision Festival

Plane, Shuttle Bus, Car, Public Transport

Greece has many international airports, but the most convenient ones are Athens and Thessaloniki.

From Athens airport directly to the Festival’s venue (forth and back) for the price of 35 euros as an extra when you book your ticket.

Enter the coordinatesLocation ( Lat: 38.980159 – Location Long: 23.355 ) or write down Euboea, Vasilika on your GPS device. A few kilometers before you arrive, there will be signs to guide you to the festival site.

There will be a Revision Festival shuttle-bus service in both Athens and Thessaloniki.
Please, contact us for ticket reservations.

Public Transport

from Athens


From Athens airport, pick the train with destination «S.K.A platforms» and from there you pick the train to “Chalkida” (every 2 hours) after you reach the Chalkida you take the bus line “Chalkida- Vasilika” (every day at 14.30)

From Athens airport, you pick the bus line “X93” with destination «Ktel Liosion Station» (Address: Liosion 260).
From Ktel Liosion Station, every 30 minutes departs the bus line with the route: “Athens -Chalkida”.
Again from Chalkida you take another bus with route: “Chalkida -Vasilika” (Every day at 14:30, so in order to be on time for the last bus you’ll have to take the bus Athens -Chalkida at 13:00 the latest)

From «Ktel Liosion Station» you can pick the line: “Athens-Istiaia” and after you reach Istiaia you take a taxi from Istiaia to Vasilika. (Approx. 20 minutes driving)

Public Transport

from Thessaloniki


From Thessaloniki airport, you pick the bus line “78” with destination «Ktel Macedonia Station». From there departs the bus line with the route: “Thessaloniki – Istiaia” and after you reach Istiaia you take a taxi from Istiaia to Vasilika. (Approx. 20 minutes driving).